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Conditions of Use


Participants are immersed in the outdoor experience of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, so please be prepared for the weather conditions anticipated for the day. We do stress that participants need to be dressed appropriately for outdoor activities with suitable walking shoes. Rain jackets are required during wet weather, whilst sun hats and sunscreen are required during warmer weather conditions.

On Arrival

To assist us in the efficient and timely delivery of our programs, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tour. Unfortunately we do not have facilities to store belongings so please keep this in mind when visiting the Gardens.


Though we encourage you to take photos of our beautiful plants and gardens, please refrain from taking photos during the Smoking Ceremony (part of the Aboriginal Heritage Walk) that your guide will take you through. This is a special experience that we encourage you to be fully present for. For all of our tours, please request permission from the guides and other program participants beforehand.