Conditions of Use

Please ensure that all members of your party have been made aware of the following conditions. These terms and Conditions apply to the transaction detailed in your personal Tailored Tour Itenerary & quotation. Your acceptance of these conditions is a term of supply of the Services. By paying for and accepting supply of the Service, you agree to be bound by these conditions.

The following terms and definitions apply:


Melbourne Wine Tours Operated by Pittman & Martin Pty. Ltd.
Refers to the winery tours mentioned in this documentation and generally to the range of products offered by Melbourne Wine Tours, including customised activities arranged by agreement.

The booking
The detail of the arrangements of hire contained in the “Booking Quotation” supplied by Melbourne Wine Tours to the “client”.

The Melbourne Wine Tour Chauffeur

The person who books the Tour

The vehicle provided by Melbourne Wine Tours

All people travelling on the tour

Any amount of time in excess of that booked

Tailored Tour
The services supplied include: vehicle hire, Chauffeur, and Personal Tour Schedule.

•Under no circumstance will Melbourne Wine Tours (Pittman & Martin Pty. Ltd.) be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost or damaged property, lost profiles or savings or damages for disappointment.
•The client will be accountable for and charged for any damage caused to the vehicle through the negligence of themselves or that of the passengers.
•In the case of passengers under the age of 18 years the client is held responsible for the proper use of seat belts and ensuring that they are aware that alcohol is not served to anyone under 18 years of age.

•Service commences from the pick up time detailed in the booking.
•In the event that the vehicle arrives at the designated pick up location later that the booked pick up time then the arrival time will be the commencement of hire.
•Journeys that, at the request of the client, exceed the amount of time booked will incur overtime charges.
•Overtime is charged at 30 minute intervals, at the agreed rate, which is due and payable at the end of the journey.
•Melbourne Wine Tours reserves the right to replace any vehicle in the case of a breakdown or other emergency.

Limitations of use
•Passengers agree to abide by the Road laws of the State of Victoria and all passengers accept responsibility for wearing seat belts.
•Vehicles will not be taken into areas or situations that drivers consider unsafe.
•Vehicles will not proceed if their licensed carrying capacities are breached.

Health and safety
•Smoking is prohibited within all vehicles
•No objects or parts of the body are to be placed outside the vehicle whilst in motion
•Drivers may end the journey at any point if subjected to inappropriate or unsafe behaviour by passengers.