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Conditions of Use

Accommodation and services are offered for holidaying, not for other purposes without special permission.

Unlawful activities, binge drinking and smoking inside are forbidden.

We take your safety very seriously and must therefore point out and warn that these houses and their gardens may contain unfamiliar hazards. These properties have special character because they offer a real experience of another lifestyle; our historic properties in particular have features which might be unexpected and therefore a danger without care. Please keep this in mind and be careful throughout your stay.

Children especially need to know that polished floors are slippery, and stairs are dangerous. Swings, tree climbing and garden exploring are good fun around here, provided old fashioned care and good behaviour is used to keep safe.

Similarly, your care and good behaviour will keep our property safe.

Picking flowers for the house and fruit and vegetables to eat is permitted and encouraged. Permission is to take what you can use whilst in residence and to pick with care. Parents must ensure that children know how to chose ripe produce and pick with care. You are welcome to ask us about this.

People with phobias are warned that a variety of wild animals, birds and insects, including poisonous snakes and spiders, live in or around the township including our gardens. This is a feature of the Tasmanian country village environment.

Fortunately, Tasmania has little poisonous or aggressive wild life and is therefore regarded as very safe habitat for humans.

We make particular effort to keep our houses free of all uninvited species principly for reasons of hygene, therefore we can assure customers that there will not be dangerous creatures inside the house. However customers should recognise that we cannot prevent the odd non- dangerous creature from getting in occasionally.

Fair wear and tear is allowed for in our calculation of a good value tariff, the cost of breakage and/or damage is not. You are responsible for breakage or damage - an extra reason for care and good behaviour please.

The etiquette here is to tell us about any malfunction or breakage at the earliest opportunity and to negotiate a settlement if necessary.