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Conditions of Use

1.     No bike shall be transported in any vehicle without express consent of the business.


2.     The hirer must inspect the bike before hiring.

3.     I understand that I will be responsible for damage or loss however caused to the bikes and helmets and may be charged full replacement costs.

4.     I will indemnify Clare Valley Cycle Hire, its servants, agents and assigns from and against all claims, losses and damages whatsoever.

5.     I will return the hire bikes and helmets by the end of the hiring period and will be responsible for their good order and condition.  If hiring period is exceeded the daily rate or an additional amount will be charged.

6.     I have read and understood and agree to the above conditions and I am  over 18 years of age.

7.     All goods hired and used at the hirer's own risk and no condition, warranty or representation of safety, suitability or fitness is expressed or implied by Clare Valley Cycle Hire.