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Conditions of Use


* ALWAYS check the latest updated conditions of use on our website The information on this page was last updated on 28 August 2012.
* Minimum stay: 2 nights
* Children are welcome, but must be supervised at all times.
* Smoking is not permitted inside, but there is a designated smoking area outside.
* If you wish to book on day of arrival you must discuss this with Clare View Accommodation prior to booking to guarantee that the accommodation is ready for your arrival. We highly recommend to do the same for next day arrivals.
* The number of guests staying at Clare View are paying guests ONLY. If any additional "last minute overnight guest(s)" wish to stay, they are required to report themselves at Clare View (by phoning 0414044444)and pay before they stay. Extra breakfast & linen will be provided. Standard fees and a fine WILL OCCUR when non paying guests are staying.
* The children's ages provided to Clare View must be correct. Standard fees and a fine WILL OCCUR when incorrect ages have been provided and therefore the right price hasn't been paid for.
* Approaching our farm animals (Alpacas, chooks & cats) is at your own risk. Never enter a paddock with alpacas in it. Be aware that alpacas may spit when being approached. We are not in any way responsible for any damage or injuries guests sustain by our farm animals or wildlife.
* Guests at Clare View stay at their own risk. We are not in any way responsible for any injuries guests sustain or any damage being caused to guests belongings whilst on our property.


Pets/Dogs are welcome but ONLY under the following conditions:
1. After negotiation PRIOR to booking to discuss details
2. When on a leash AT ALL TIMES outside the house (due to wildlife and farm animals)
3. When they are completely HOUSE TRAINED
4. When you take the dog with you at all times on all outings
5. When supervised AT ALL TIMES inside the house and on the property
6. The following dog breeds and other traditionally aggressive breeds may not be allowed: Bull Dogs (as Pit Bulls), Rottweilers, Doberman Pincers, wolf-dogs, working dogs, very large dogs. Please discuss details first.
7. Maximum 2 pets/dogs are allowed per stay
8. The pet's owner is fully responsible for and must immediately pay for the costs of all damages or injuries (eg. to farm animals)caused by his/her pet and will also be responsible for the full cost of ?ea extermination in the house that may be required because of the guests pet. We therefore demand full flea treatment sufficient time before check in.
9. Please note that your pet comes at your own risk, we are not in any way responsible for any injuries your pet sustains by our animals or wildlife or any other injuries it may sustain on our property.