Conditions of Use

Check-in after 2pm.
Check-out before 10am.
No Smoking in the room or on guest entry deck. Smoking is permitted in other outdoor areas.
We do not accept pets.
An extra cleaning fee of $200 may apply should these conditions be breeched.
All damages will be paid for by guests
Amble’a’While is equipped with an OziKleen system that deals with our waste water and sewage to recycle it back in to the garden. We must stress when using the toilet, shower or sinks please do not flush any solid matter, sanitary products, wipes, chemicals, fats, oils, dairy products or such like into the system as it will clog the filtration equipment. We supply all necessary cleaning products and washing powder along with hand soaps etc and ask that you use these please. GUESTS MUST NOT USE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING WITH US. Guests are welcome to do ONE load of washing per day between 8am-9pm. Additional loads MAY be possible but please ask first.