Booking Terms

Terms of contract

•    Tenant is responsible for all damage and repairs/replacement costs are not limited to the bond amount paid.
•    Please report all damage or breakages prior to departure.
•    Please clean up prior to departure and leave the property in the same state that you found it. Any excessive cleaning required will incur an additional charge.
•    Rubbish to be placed in rubbish bags and into the wheelie bins. Do not overfill bags as cleaner needs to transport to the tip.
•    WARNING: do not flush personal hygiene materials (or other objects) down the toilet as it will block the septic and ruin your holiday. It can take some time to get a plumber in.
•    The shacks operate on tank water which is very limited. Could you please restrict showers to a couple of minutes and conserve water wherever possible.
•    We do not have washing machines for clothes but there is a coin operated washing machine service in Whitemark.
•    The number of guests must not exceed the number of beds and extra guests staying in tents are strictly not permitted. 
•    Smoking outside only and butts to be disposed of in the rubbish bin.
•    As the beach does not have public access you will find many shells. Please just take one or two as a souvenir if you wish and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

•    Stays on the property are at your own risk and you indemnify Sawyers Bay Shacks Pty Ltd and its Directors for any claims made against it not covered by insurance including while using any sporting equipment provided for guest use.

Things to consider.
•    We are on rain water (tank) only. Anything you can do to help save water is greatly appreciated eg make sure the dish washer is full every time before use, small loads by hand, quick showers etc. Thank you.
•    While most people drink the tank water from the tap you may wish to boil it first as it is untreated.
•    The abalone in front of the shacks does not grow to a legal size. Please do not take any. If you are a diver try nearby beaches around Emita for good sized abs in deeper water.

Directions to get the shacks.
When you leave the airport turn left. Travel for about 10 minutes on the bitumen and you will see the “Sawyers Bay Shacks” sign on your left. If you start going up a large hill you have gone too far.
Cancellation and refund policy.
Cancellations more than 16 weeks prior to arrival - Full refund less administration fee of 20% of full booking amount.

Cancellations or change of dates within 16 weeks of arrival – no refund.

Third party website policies do not over-ride our policies.

No refunds for early departure or non-arrivals or if you miss your plane or your plane is cancelled.

Check in/out times
Check in time is 3pm and check out time is 10am.

Getting in to the house
On the front deck you will find a key box on the wall with a code. Please contact us prior to arrival to get the code.
The door is a little tricky and requires two hands to open; one to hold the latch up and the other to slide the door.