Booking Terms

Ifbooking is cancelled by the visitor 24 hours or more prior to the tourdeparture, guests are entitled to a refund of 75% of the tour cost. Guests arerequired to notify Devils@Cradle of their intention to cancel. If cancelledwithin 24 hours of tour departure, or in the event of a no show, a cancellationfee of 100% of tour cost will be applied.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Weencourage our visitors to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseencircumstances.

If bookingfor the JOEY ENCOUNTER, this ticket includes a complimentary DAYKEEPER TOUR. You are not required to make a separate booking for this complimentarytour.

If the DINE WITH THE DEVIL tour is cancelled due to minimum numbers not beingreached, Devils@Cradle reserves the right to move guests onto an AFTER DARKFEEDING TOUR for the same date. Guests will be entitled to a refund of thedifference in price between the two tour options. Please advise Devils@Cradleof your place of accommodation, and include best contact details when booking, toenable Devils@Cradle to make contact.

Please contact Devils@Cradle directly if you needany clarification of the above terms.