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Cancellation Fees.

A cancellation fee of 30% applies if you advise us more than 14 days before your booking. Otherwise the booking is forfitted.

About Bloomfield: Bloomfield is self-contained accommodation set on 2.5 acres next to the Stanley Pub where fine dining is available or just 10 minutes drive to Beechworth.

How to Get There: The property is situated at 1 Little Scotland Rd in Stanley, which is 8 km from Beechworth. When you arrive in Stanley turn right at the roundabout, past the pub and then turn first right into Lt Scotland Rd; travel 50 meters and turn left into the driveway and park on the gravel in front of the garage.

Access: The house is locked. Access is from the front door. The front door combination is C96018. If arriving after dark sensor lights will go on when you reach the veranda.

Bathrooms: The house has 5 bathrooms one general and 4 on-suits. The on-suits are access from the bedrooms via very small spiral stairs.

Water: Stanley is a rural area and water is provided from tanks. Please be mindful of your water usage.

Wi-Fi: Free in the house password is a1b2c3d4e5. This is handy because Stanley is at this stage has mobile phone access for Telstra 3G and some Optus phones only. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to give us feedback.